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Scott is a naturalist at heart and a biologist by training.  Since childhood, he’s had a strong drive to create visual art inspired by the flora and fauna around him.  His work has been featured in the publications of numerous wildlife-focused non-profits and he has enjoyed exposure in galleries close to home. 

For 30 years, he has harbored a passion for falconry, studying and practicing it at home and abroad as well as spending several years employed as a professional falconer in places near and far, including the UK and New Zealand.  He is the most recent past President of the largest falconry organization in the world. 

In 2017, he created an Illustrated Alphabet that was published in book form with the title, “Falconry, A to Z.”  The first edition sold out in short order.  A second edition is in the making.  His newest book, Wells, Maine-The Art of Scott McNeff, represents Scott’s homage to home and is an expression of his pride in being a Mainer.  

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